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China, extending on a vast area in the faraway oriental, where 56 ethnic groups living in a diverse traditional lifestyles, is one of the world's oldest civilizations as long as nearly 5000 years, ever a counterpart of Roman empire. It is the home to the world's highest mountains, vast deserts, forests harboring rare creatures, grassy plains and rich tropical seas.
Top Six Attractions
>> World Heritages Sites
China has more than 400,000 immovable cultural heritages and over 20 million pieces of movable cultural heritages, among which 41 have been declared as World Heritage Sites by the World Heritage Committee.
>> China's Museums
Where to visit collected China's cultural treasures? How to study the long-lasting and glorious civilization of China? No easier way than visiting museums to learn about China's history and culture.
>> Chinese Mountains & Hills
Do you want challenges? Do you want to experience the excitement in hiking? Additionally, Chinese Mountains are characterized by “grotesquely-shaped pines, queer rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs”.
>> Chinese Geoparks
Special geological remains, complex geographic conditions and varied geological structure are waiting for you in geoparks. Just start your trip for an eye feast as well as an unforgettable adventure!
>> Chinese Temples
Chinese spirit is determined by a conglomeration of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, all of which can be well presented by diverse Chinese temples. You can have a real experience of quaint worship ceremonies in a holy atmosphere.
>> Chinese Gardens
The Chinese garden, which concentrates on displaying all sorts of scenery in China, is the epitome of China’s natural beauty. A tour in any Chinese garden helps you better understand China’s splendid culture.

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