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Yinchuan Tourist Attractions

Yinchuan Tourist Attractions

Lying on the east bank of the Yellow River, Yinchuan is an excellent tourist destination for history fans, combining historical sites like royal tombs of ancient kingdoms, breathtaking natural spots in deserts, and mysterious West Film & TV City where numerous films have been shot here.

Royal Tombs of the Western Xia Kingdom

At the eastern foot of Helan Mountain 35 km west of Yinchuan, the tombs cover an area of 50 sq km. The kings of the ancient kingdom of Western Xia were buried in nine tombs, commonly known as the Tomb of King Hao, in addition to 207 attendant tombs of high officials, generals and aristocrats. In scale the tombs equal with the Song tombs in Gongxian County, Henan Province, and the Ming tombs in Beijing. They are one of the most intact and largest imperial mausoleums in China.

Rock Paintings in Helan Mountain


As a unique scenic area, Shapotou was listed as a national AAAAA tourism zone in 2007. With white clouds in the blue sky, yellow sands and elegant waters, this scenic area has picturesque landscapes. In spring, flowers are In full bloom, and in summer and autumn, fruits are ripe and fragrant. It attracts tourists all the year round. Tourists can enjoy the fantastic scenes of deserts and row a raft (referring to several air bags made by the whole sheep skins tied up) drifting downstream the Yellow River, experiencing an exciting water trip. In addition, tourists can slide down the sand hill slope and hear the thunderous sounds of sand. It is the well-known Shapotou Scenic Marvel.

Transport: Tourists can go from Yinchuan to Zhongwei by train, and then change a special sightseeing bus at the Zhongwel Bus Station to Shapotou.

Rock Paintings in Helan Mountain

Paintings are engraved on the rocks at the entrance of Helan Mountain, 50 km from the city proper of Yinchuan. These pictures depict scenes of the production and life of the people of some ancient ethnic groups In North China, such as Xiongnu, Xianbei, Tujue, Huihu, Tubo and Dang-xiang, expressing their aspiration for a happy life.

Jade Emperor Pavilion

The Jade Emperor Pavilion is 22 m high and covers an area of 1,040 sq m. It stands on a rectangular platform which is 36 m long, 28 m wide and eight m high. Tourists can go up to the pavilion along the stone steps outside of the northwest corner of the platform. The complex shows a well-conceived layout with multiple architectural structures and upturned eaves.

Add: At the junction of Jiefang East Street and Yuhuangge Street.

Jinshui Garden

On the eastern bank of the Yellow River, the Jinshui Garden is 13 km from Yinchuan City, and covers an area of 470,000 sq m. It is bordered by the Yellow River in the west and backs onto the Mu Us Desert; hence it is an ideal place for tourists to view the Yellow River and the vast desert.

China West Film & TV City

Shahu Lake

Shahu Lake, 56 km south of Yinchuan, has been developed Into a tourism zone, which includes the Amusement Park, Viewing Tower, Lotus Garden, sand-sliding cableways, natural bathing grounds, catering service and commercial, trade and shopping centers. Now it is a national AAAAA tourism zone.

Transport: Shuttle buses run from the Beiguan Travel Bus Terminal to Shahu Lake.

China West Film & TV City

Located at Zhenbeipu, an ancient city in the northwestern suburbs of Yin-chuan, the China West Film & TV City was formed on the basis of the ruins of two ancient castles which had experienced several hundred years of vicissitudes. With its vigorous and firm, simple and unsophisticated styles, it has been loved by the Chinese film makers and artists. A number of films have been shot here. Now a number of scenic spots and stage properties of some films, such as "Blacksmith's Shop" of the film The Yellow River Ballad, the moon gate and brewing workshop of The Red Sorghum, have been well preserved. In addition, a film reference room, a film projection hall and other service facilities have been set up.

Transport: Tourists can get on the Yinchuan-Huaxi Village (Jinshan Township) mini bus at the place opposite to Wenzhou Commercial City, Xingqing District, Yinchuan to go to the Film & TV City.

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