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China | Beijing | Attractions | Temple of Successive Emperors
The Temple of Successive Emperors is a national tourist attraction. It is the only imperial temple in the Ming and Qing dynasties designed to honor numerous emperors, ministers, and generals of Chinese ancestry who appeared throughout history in successive dynasties. The Temple of Successive Emperors is a key historic site under national prot...
China | Beijing | Attractions | Tanzhe Temple
Tanzhe Temple is located in Tanzhe Mountain, Mentougou District, some 40 kilometers from the Beijing metropolis. Constructed during the Jin Dynasty (256-316), Tanzhe Temple enjoys a history stretching back 1,700 years and is the earliest Buddhist Temple in Beijing. The name of the temple has changed for several times in its history. With a Dragon p...
China | Beijing | Attractions | Dajue Temple
Dajue Temple, or the Temple of Enlightenment, stands at the foot of Yangtai Hill in Beijing's western suburbs. The rolling hills here resemble a sleeping lion. Dajue Temple is best known for its Yulan trees, planted almost 300 years ago, the finest being the magnolias. It is said that a monk brought two of the specimens found in the southern c...
China | Gansu | Zhangye | Attractions | Grand Buddha Temple
Grand Buddha Temple, also called Giant Buddha Temple, located midway in the Hexi Corridor along the Silk Road, is the cultural and historical attraction in China. It lies in the southwest of Zhangye City and is the largest architectural relic of the Western Xia (1038-1227) period in Gansu Province. The temple preserves China's largest reclining Bud...
China | Gansu | Lanzhou | Attractions | Bingling Temple
Bingling Temple, also called Bingling Temple Grottoes, is an impressive and marvelous attraction where people can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as culture. From the aspect of style and geography, the temple is a midpoint between the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan and the Buddhist Grottoes of central China, such as Yungang Grottoes near Dat...
China | Beijing | Attractions | Lama Temple
In feudal China, certain colors were reserved for imperial use and nobody, not even the princes, could overstep such limits. At the northeast of the old city zone in Beijing, there stands a mansion built with a yellow roof and red walls, signifying that it enjoys the same architectural status as the Forbidden city. This is the famous Lama Temple, t...
China | Beijing | Attractions | Temple of Earth
Deity worship was one of the primary duties of emperors in feudal China. The Temple of Heaven was used for the worship of heaven. In a similar vein, the Temple of Earth was for the worship of "Huang Di Zhi Shen", the guardian god of the imperial territory. Those who have visited the Temple of Heaven, will be amazed here by the intriguing contrasts ...
China | Gansu | Tianshui | Attractions | Nanguo Temple
Colloquially called "Nanshan Temple", it lies in the col of Huiyin Mountain 2 km to the south of city proper of Tianshui. Near mountain and rivers, it is of beautiful scenery and tremendous momentum, enjoying a reputation of "No. 1 famous temple of Tianshui". Nanguo Temple, also called Miaosheng Yard, faces north and is made up of three temple...
China | Gansu | Zhangye | Attractions | Manjusri Temple Grottoes
Manjusri Temple Grottoes lies in Manjusri Mountain, northwest of Sunan County, where is very beautiful with ridges and peaks rising one after another and murmuring streams. It is said that Manjusri once made its presence here, so the temple was built and named "Manjusri Temple", the greatest Buddhist pilgrimage in northwest China. The picturesque v...
China | Gansu | Wuwei | Attractions | Haicang Temple
Seated about 25 kilometers apart from the west of Wuwei City, Gansu Province, Haicang Temple is a well-known ancient temple occupying an area of 11,600 square meters in the Hexi Corridor. It was built in more than 170 years ago in Jin Dynasty and was a key temple on the way of the Silk Road, and now is under the province-level cultural relic protec...

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