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Dragon Palace

Dragon Palace

In the southwest of Xixiu District, the Dragon Palace (Longgong) is 27 kilometers from the city proper of Anshun. As a national AAAAA scenic zone and a national scenic and historic interest zone, it presents a wide variety of typical karst land-forms. It includes four scenic districts and 32 beauty spots. With its grotesque structure, the Dragon Palace presents colorful scenery of under ground wind tunnel which can be toured by boat. It holds 2 world records, the first is Dragon Palace cave contains the mist drought and flood limestone in the cave; the second is the lowest radiation. Dragon Palace is a splendid underground Karst cave. It looks like the crystal palace (which is a place where the king of dragons lives, who is called Long Wang) in fairy tales and so got the name Dragon's Palace (Long Gong).

Dragon Palace

The central scenic zone consists of a cluster of water karst caves. The 5,000-m-long tunnel is a gallery of stalactites and stalagmites of the most imaginative forms, hence it is known as "No. 1 water karst cavern on earth". The Dragon Palace, 15 kilometers (9 miles) in length, is the prime attraction. It is the longest karst river cave in China. The Guest-Welcoming Cave, the Dragon Gate Flying Waterfall, the Heavenly Lake, the Clamshell Rock and the Crystal Palace are its components. The Longgong Scenic Zone boasts the longest water karst cavern, the largest waterfall in the karst cavern, and the lowest natural radicalization in China; and it is known for the oddly-shaped ponds, many short rivers and large Buddhist prayer rooms. Now the 1,240-m-long water karst tunnel linking some caves and the Buddhist prayer rooms contained in the caves, with an area of over 20,000 sq m, are open to the public.

Dragon Palace Cave is made up of several parts. The first part is the subterranean limestone cave which is the first water limestone cave. The Dragon Palace limestone river is longest in China. It is 15 Kilometers. The construction of the cave hall looks like a Palace for the mythical Dragon king. “Subterraina lijiang, heavenly forest “ is the value of limestone scenery, and the great Chinese poet AiQing said “it is the great marvelous from nature”. Taking a boat here is just like taking a boat in heaven, things are famous for its inherent things, not for its appearance. That is why we call Dragon Palace the paradise of human being.

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