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Longhushan National Geopark

Longhushan National Geopark


Longhushan National Geopark, one of the first batch of the national geoparks approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources of P.R.C., is 20 km southwest to the suburbs of Yingtan City, and covers an area of 380 sq km.

The park is famous for its Danxia geomorphy. The background of its geological structure is Xinjiang faulted basin. The geomorphy patterns include: stone column, peak, stone wall, stone stockade, stone beam, cliff, stone gate, natural bridge, cave, series of peaks, peak forest, monoclinal hill, narrow break between two hills, hogback hills, etc.

There is special lava geomorphy in the park. The stratal section is typical, with high scientific value.

Longhushan National Geopark

What to See (the Main Attractions)

[ Shangqing Taoist Temple] Located in Shangqing Town, Yingtan City, the temple is one of the oldest Taoist temples with the largest scale, and the longest history. After restoration through the ages, there are attractions as Fudi Gate ("Fudi" means "places where immortals lived"), the Zigzag Lane, Xiama Pavilion ("Xiama" means "dismount from a horse"), Wuchao Gate, Bell Tower, and Dongyin Academy.

[ Longhushan Scenic Area (The Dragon and Tiger Mountain)] Dragon Mountain is made up of several connected peaks which are winding and wavy, with the head of "the dragon" rising magnificently. "The dragon" seems to rise high into the cloud; Tiger Mountain, with highly rising tail and bowing head, its "forepaws" lying on the ground, seems to roar towards the dragon.

[ Tianshi Mansion] The building looks like a palace. The courtyard is elegant and quite, with centuries-old trees reaching up towards the sky. There is a 9.999 m high statue of the Jade Emperor (the supreme Deity of Taoism), which is really rare in the whole country.

[ Xianshuiyan Scenic Area ("yan" here means "cliff")] Xianshuiyan is the combination name of Xianyan and Shuiyan. They seem to compete with each other to show their unique and dangerous trait. There is performance oi flying between Jinzhong Peak and Xiantao Rock.

Tourist Service

Traffic Tips

Take airplane to Fujian Wuyishan Airport, or Jiangxi Nanchang Airport, and transfer to bus to Longhushan Scenic Area.

Take train to Yingtan City, and transfer to regular buses to the park.

Consultant Centre

Longhushan Scenic Area Administrative Committee

Tel: 86701-6656211

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