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Lushan World Geopark

Lushan World Geopark


Lushan (Lushan Mountain) World Geopark, one of the first batch of the national geoparks approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources of P.R.C., was listed in "the world geoparks" by UNESCO on February 13th, 2004. The park lies in Jiujiang City, and covers an area of 500 sq km.

Lushan World Geopark

The main geological relics of the park include geological geomorphy and geological section. The horst fault-block mountains and relics of Quaternary glacier have grown in the park, as well as the stratal sections of the Quaternary glacier and ancient stellar rock colony. Those systems are well-reserved, diverse, typical, and of high scientific value. The clouds here are ever-changing, so comes with the saying: fail to see what Lushan Mountain really looks like.

What to See (the Main Attractions)

[ Hanpo Gap] With an elevation of 1,286 m, Hanpo Gap is a huge gap between Hanpo Ridge and the opposite Hanyang Peak. It seems like a huge mouth to swallow up all the water in Poyang Lake at the mountain foot.

[ Three-folding Falls] The cliff under Wulao Peak has three huge steps. The stream beats each step when dropping down, so formed the Three-folding Falles. It is such a grand view.

[ The Arboretum] Built in 1934, the Arboretum covers an area of 3 sq km. It is one of the earliest arboretums in China. It is divided into 11 parts according to different natural habitats and different eco-systems. In the park grows over 10,000 Chinese metasequoias which are called "living fossils".

[ Dragon Head Cliff] Walking down some hundreds of meters along the stone steps southwest to the Great Tianchi, you can see a cliff standing alone and facing the bottomless chasm, like a strong dragon dancing in the air with highly rising head, so came with the famous "Dragon Head Cliff'. It is a wonderful place to appreciate cloud and mist.

[ Three Precious Trees] The dense leaves of the three big trees are like green waves covering the sunlight. Among them, two are Cryptomeria of 40 m high, and one is a gingko of 30 m high. The gingko looks like a pagoda, and its trunk is so thick that it needs several people to get their arms around.

Lushan World Geopark

[ Five-Old-Man Peaks] Rising 1,436 m above sea level, the five peaks point skywards like five aged people sitting in a row, so came with the name of "Five-Old-Man Peaks". They are steep and majestic. It gives different perceptions if you observe them from different angles. Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, had written a poem depicting the beauty of these peaks.

[ Violin Lake] Built in 1961, the lake has an area of 110,000 sq m and a water storage capacity of one million cubic meters. It got its name because there was a stone inscription reading "vibrating water sounds like violin solo" on the lakeside, besides, the profile of the lake is very like a violin.

Tourist Service

Traffic Tips

There are airlines from many big cities to Nanchang; and then transfer to bus to Lushan Scenic Area.

Consultant Centre

Lushan Scenic Area Administrative Committee, Jiangxi

Tel: 86792-8282998/8282546

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