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Shexian County

Shexian County

Shexian County is located under the southern foot of the famous Mt. Huangshan in southeastern part of Anhui Province. Situated in upper reaches of the Xin'an River, the county is surrounded by mountains and streams. Full of cultural relics, residences, memorial temples, and memorial arches, Shexian county is an art museum of classical architecture.

Ever since Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Shexian has outgrown other areas in Southeast China in economic and cultural development, making it the birthplace of the unique Huizhou Culture, which is represented by the Xin'an painting, Huizhou architecture, and Xin'an medicine.

The influence of the Huizhou Culture and the prosperity of the area have earned Shexian County the title of "Southwest Zou-Lu." Zou-Lu is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, meaning that Shexian is the home of art and culture in the southwestern China. Indeed, Shexian County has produced many artists, philosophers and men of letters, great educator Tao Xingzhi and master painter Huang Binhong are just two examples.

Shexian County has many well-preserved courtyards, gardens, pagodas and bridges, most of these were built during Ming and Qing Dynasties, some were constructed as early as Song Dynasty. These historical sites are described as "gems of ancient Chinese architecture." In particular, the elegantly constructed ancient residential houses, ancestral temples and memorial archways are unique in China. Experts refer to them as "the three wonders of ancient architecture." The most famous ones are: Tangyue Archways, Xuguo Archway, Doushan Street and Yuliang Dam.

Maihuayu Village, located on the south bank of the Xin'an River, is known as the home of Huizhou potted horticulture. Most villagers here are expert gardeners specializing in raising pretty bonsai. That is why Shexian is regarded as one of the places where the art of miniature landscape originated.

Moreover, Shexian County has many local specialties, such as honey date, various kinds of famous teas including Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Dinggu Dafang Tea and Huangshan Green Peony Tea, which are considered to be the invaluable treasures by local people.

The Five Pagoda Temple is located in the old city of Hohhot at Inner Mongolia. It is a famous historic spot in Hohhot.Built in the 10th Year of Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty in 1731, the Five Pagoda Temple was originally a Lamaism temple. There is a straight and beautiful pagoda for Buddhist relics with Buddha's warrior seat, so it is commonly called "The Five Pagoda Temple".

Shexian has two nicknames: "Hometown of Archways" for the thousands of arches scattered in the county, and "Hometown of Tea" for the production of high quality tea in large quantity. In fact, Shexian County is a perfect place to examine the culture of ancient China's feudal society.

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