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Eco-Tourism Destinations in Hainan

Eco-Tourism Destinations in Hainan

Mountain Scenic Zone

Wuzhi Mountain

Wuzhi (Five Fingers) Mountain in the central part of Hainan Island is the highest mountain and the source of all the major rivers in Hainan Province. Its five peaks stand one next another look like the five fingers of a hand, hence the name. The second of the five fingers is the highest with an elevation of 1,867 meters. The mountain is covered with a primeval tropical forest. Streams flow in its luxuriant gullies.

Eco-Tourism Destinations in Hainan

Forest Scenic Zone

Jianfengling Mountain National Forest Park

The forest park in the southwestern part of Hainan Island occupies an area of 447 square kilometers, of which 98 percent is covered with trees. The largest and best preserved primeval tropical rain forest with the greatest biological diversity in China is found in this forest park. Acclaimed as "Number One Garden at the End of Earth" and a "cool mountain on a hot island", the forest park is an excellent place to spend one's holidays, make exploration tours and do fitness exercise.

Marine Scenic Zones

Yalong Bay National Tourist Resort

Yalong Bay at the uttermost southern corner of Hainan Island is 28 kilometers to the southeast of downtown Sanya. The half-moon shaped bay, about 7.5 kilometers long, is one of the famous scenic zones in Hainan Province. The sea beach of gentle slope is 50- 60 meters wide and covered with fine white sand. The clear sea water is rich in maritime resources such as coral reefs, various tropical fish and shellfish. The mean temperature is 25.5 degrees Centigrade, making the area a world-renowned seaside tourist resort.

Nanshan Dongtian Tourist Zone

The tourist zone is located 40 kilometers west of the urban area of Sanya. It had been already a scenic spot during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), making it the oldest scenic and historical zone in Hainan Province. Marvelous natural sights on the mountains, by the sea, around huge rocks and near mountain caves are famous in China. It is one of the national AAAAA tourist zones in China and a sanctuary of Taoism at the uttermost southern part of China.

Eco-Tourism Destinations in Hainan

Bird-Watching Scenic Zone

Paradise of Egrets

There are three banyan trees as high as a building of three to four stories and a large grove of bamboo in Wuji Village in Luoji Town, a dozen kilometers north of downtown Danzhou. About 10,000 egrets make them their home. The three banyan trees are especially known as a paradise of egrets. In early April every year, they fly in groups in the sky and chirp merrily in the trees and bamboo groves.

Agricultural Sightseeing Zone

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

The botanical garden in Xinglong Town in Wanning City is a national AAA A tourist zone. It cultivates a large variety of tropical cash crops, timber trees and horticultural plants. Many wild and rare plants are found in this garden too. It is divided into four parts, namely Sightseeing Area, Science and Research Demonstration Area, Processing and Development Area, Three-Dimensional Cultivation Area and Eco-Tour Area. The botanical garden carries on scientific research, popularization of science, sightseeing and floral resource protection at the same time.

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