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Jiaxiu Tower

Jiaxiu Tower

Jiaxiu Tower, perched on a boulder in the Nanming River in Guiyang, is a symbol of Guiyang City, and a key historic monument under state protection. Standing on the huge Turtle Rock in the Nanming River, the Jiaxiu Tower is close to the Avalokitesvara Temple and Cuiwei Pavilion. In 1598, the 26th year of the Wanli reign of the Ming Dynasty, Governor Jiang Dongzhi of Guizhou Province had an embankment and a tower built, which was named Jiaxiu Tower to encourage local scholars to win success in the imperial examinations. The Tower had been improved on large scale for six times from the time it was first built by Jiang Dongzhi, the then governor of Guizhou Province, to 1981 when Guiyang People's Government appropriated money to repair it. Standing firm for 400 years, the Tower has witnessed the history of Guiyang and symbolized the cultural development of Guiyang. Jiaxiu Tower has become one of the city's landmarks.

Jiaxiu Tower

The Jiaxiu Tower is a three-story pavilion with three eaves, four corners and a pointed top, structure of which is unique in the ancient architecture of China. We may focus on this feature to make the Tower more famous and enhance its value of appreciation, thus attracting many tourists and architectural experts to visit and investigate it. The tower is about 20m high with upturned eaves. The eaves are supported with 12 stone columns protected by white carved stone rails. Green tiles, red pillars, engraved windows and white stone parapets make the tower superb and striking. Ascending the tower you can get a good view of the surrounding city scenery. It stands high and is as beautiful as scenery on paintings.

Jiaxiu Tower is also called the First Scholar's Tower. Many literary men created a great number of poems related to Jiaxiu Tower, among which the 206-character-long couplet written by Liu Yushan in the Qing Dynasty is most popular. The couplet is even 26 characters more than the so-called longest couplet of the world on Daguan Tower in Kunming. Liu Yushan's couplet outlines the geographic situations and ups and downs of Guiyang, a mountain city. Integrating picturesque mountains and brilliant waters, Jiaxiu Tower boasts an exclusively beauty. The night scene of The Jiaxiu Tower is beautiful. Colorfully decorated with lanterns, the tower is beautifully reflected in water. When strolling on the bridge, the visitors may feel as if they have entered a fairyland. A cultural as well as a historical relic, Jiaxiu Tower houses the authentic works and paintings of many ancient calligraphers. Nowadays, most visitors are attracted to this tower to see the exhibitions of the calligraphy pieces, woodcrafts and stone tablets inscribed with poems.

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