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Hangzhou Silk and Textile Industries

Hangzhou Silk and Textile Industries

Hangzhou has long established itself as the home of silk production. It has approximately 200 large scale silk production enterprises at present. In 2005, Hangzhou’s silk industry has an annual gross output of 5,859 tons, an increase of 19% over the previous year. Compared with Suzhou’s embroidery, Hangzhou is famous for its excellent silk and satins. Until now the silk products has been developed into several kinds include silk, satin, damask and brocades, the most beautiful ones of which are tapestry satin, georgette, soft silk fabric in satin weave, velvet, spun silk pongee, and elephant crepe. Its lifelike character and elegant picture attracts most of the tourists.

Boosted by its textile and silk industries, Hangzhou has developed a strong garment industry and is named the “city of women’s wear”. Hangzhou government has been putting a lot of effort to establish Hangzhou as a national design, manufacturing and trading center for women’s wear. In 2005, there were 382 large scale women’s wear manufacturing enterprises in Hangzhou, with an annual output of about RMB 17 billion. Apart from the massive scale of production, some factories have already established themselves as celebrated national brands, etc. In general, Hangzhou’s women’s wear has succeeded in distinguishing itself by its simple and college-look style.

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and Zhejiang Institute of Science and Technology in Hangzhou are first-class training institutes for fashion designers, contributing to the large pool of young professional fashion designers in Hangzhou. The majority of Hangzhou’s women’s wear manufacturers are private enterprise, some of which are operated by these young designers producing clothes of their own designs. This allows flexible management and operation to follow the fashion trends closely.

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