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Tengchong National Geopark

Tengchong National Geopark


Tengchong National Geopark, one of the second batch of the national geoparks approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources of P.R.C., is located in Tengchong County. The total area is up to 750 sq km and the core area is 100 sq km.

The main geological remains are modern volcanic geomorphy, springs, with biodiversity. The Tengchong volcanoes are the densest and the most spectacular across all of China with 97 volcanic cones. They are dormant volcanoes. Among them, 22 volcanoes have beautiful views. Coexisting with the volcanic cones, there are volcanic colony, and lava caves, bare stone mountains, crater lakes, barrier waterfalls and pumice stone created by lava flows. It is an amazing place for sightseeing, vacation and scientific research with wonderful tourist resources.

What to See (the Main Attractions)

[ Rehai] The main tourist spots in Rehai include Dagun Pot Spring, Hot Dragon Hugging Pearl, fountain, Pearl Spring, thermal ground, Toast Spraying Water, Zaotang River Waterfalls, and Quanhua Waterfall. Among them, the most spectacular one is Dagun Pot Spring.

[ Dagun Pot Spring] It takes the round shape. The diameter is 6.12 m and the depth is 1.5 m with three nozzles. The temperature is 96.6 °C . The boiling water is running day and night. The most gorgeous is that it seems like it is heated by the stove without fuel.

[ Dragon Deep Pool] It is about 3,000 m above sea level. The pool is filled with dark green water. It seems like it has no bottom. Jagged rocks of grotesque shapes scatter about on the bank. Around here, high old trees are covered by heavy mist. It is an amazing place for an adventure.

Tourist Service

Traffic Tips

Take airplane from Kunming to Baoshan Airport; there are travel agencies welcoming the tourists at Baoshan Airport.

Take Train K446/447 from Kunming to Dali, and transfer to long-distance bus from Dali to Tengchong.

Consultant Centre

Tengchong Guanfang Volcano & Rehai Scenic Area Administrative Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86875-5150316

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