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How to Store Green Tea

How to Store Green Tea

The stored procedure of green tea should be done carefully, because there are really abundant substances in the green tea leaves and most of them can have chemical reaction with materials in the air. If it do happens, the value of green tea will get changed. So we need to:

1) Avoid damp: Green tea can easily absorb moisture from the air, so when keeping it, 60% humidity should be OK. If up to 70%, the green tea can acidize and go bad finally.

2) Avoid high temperature: The proper temperature in the store of green tea should be 0 to 5 centigrade, or some substances in it will be decomposed so that the quality、flavor and also taste will be lower.

3) Avoid sunlight: Sunlight will promote the oxidation of some materials in tea leaves and makes them go bad.

4) Avoid oxygen: Oxygen will make tea leaves oxidate and after oxidation, the former “clear soup” will changed into red and the nutrition value will largely decrease.

5) Avoid peculiar smell: The material in the green tea can widely absorb the peculiar smell in the air, which can make the tea leaves take the smell forever.

Technically green tea will never really go "bad." It never gets sour, grows mold or develops an odor. It does, however, lose a lot of flavor relatively quickly if you don't properly store it. Green tea loses its flavor twice as fast as black tea. You can extend the shelf life of green tea if you learn the ideal storage conditions. Therefore, you should follow those steps above and keep your green tea fresh.

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