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Transportation It is 285 kilometers from Kangding to Litang; 148 kilometers from Litang to Daocheng; and 110 kilometers from Daocheng to the Yading Scenic Area. All these places are reached by national high ways or artery highways. Shuttle buses go back and forth between Kangding and Daocheng; and pas senger buses go regularly from Daocheng to Yad...
China | Sichuan | Daocheng | Tourist Attractions
Daocheng is reputed as a Lesser Shangri-La hidden within the mountains, with breathtaking scenery and spectacular local Tibetan customs. Daocheng Tourist Attracitons Yading Scenic Area Also known as Nyainqenkong-garrisumkong-bo, the area is located in Riwa Township, Daocheng County. The scenic area has an elevation ranging from 2,900 ...
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