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Chengde City Guide

Chengde City Guide

Situated in the mountain areas in the north of Hebei Province, Chengde is an important city in the hinterland of the Yanshan Mountains. It is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin, 230 km from Beijing. Chengde covers an area of nearly 39,519 sq km and has a population of over 3.67 million. Situated in the area where the warm temperate zone transits to the cold temperate zone, Chengde has a semi-moist and semi-dry continental monsoonal climate, with distinctive seasonal changes, sufficient sunshine, and great difference in temperature between day and night. The average annual temperature is 8.9°C.

Chengde has a long history and abundant multiethnic historical and cultural connotations. These tourism resources are richly endowed by nature and show an unusual style. On this beautiful and mysterious land, there are a large number of tourist attractions ranked first in the world. With Chengde Mountain Resort and the surrounding monasteries as the center, these tourist attractions radiate to the periphery of the city and form a golden tourism belt to the north of Beijing.

Both the internal and the external transportation of Chengde are very well developed and although there is only a small-scale airport, chartered flights flying between Beijing and Chengde will provide you more choices for your journey. In addition, railway and road links can connect you to many cities, such as Tianjin, Shenyang, Baotou, Ulanhot, Liaoning, and Inner Mongolia, etc. City buses provide a fine and integrated transport service; taxis are also a good choice due to their convenience and inexpensiveness.

BWhen traveling in Chengde, tourists can taste the unique local dishes and snacks, both of royal and folk flavors due to its historical links. Various hotels, rest houses and leisure places will also provide tourists with comfort and pleasure during the travels in this wondrous city.

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