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Lao She Tea House

Lao She Tea House

Lao She Teahouse, which first opened for business in 1988, is named after Mr. Lao She, a great literary figure (in china), and The Teahouse, one of his well-known plays.

Since founded, it soon became popular for offering "Dawancha" or "big-bowl tea", a tradition that has been keeping for more than 2 decades. However the best part is that the price has never changed. Today, you can still get a refreshing bowl of tea for only two Chinese cents.

Tea culture

Lao She Teahouse is just a 10-minute walk from Tiananmen Square. It's popular both with overseas tourists and locals. It offers a range of finest teas, choice pastries prepared according to ancient recipes from the imperial kitchen and seasonal local delicacies. When quietly sitting in the Teahouse for a hour or two, you can experience the life of old Beijing: sipping cups of tea and munching snacks, just like the life portrayed in Lao She’s renowned drama—The Teahouse, a vivid description of the social dimensions of old Beijing.

However, now you friends can also enjoy the best traditional performance there while experiencing the cozy lifestyle. There is a rich local aura about this tea house which has been stylishly furnished with a tinge of antiquity and freshness. Well-known entertainers are there at the teahouse every evening. Patrons are also welcome to joint in the act if they stage.

Every night, the 90-minutes great shows feature highlights of the Kungfu tea performance, a combination of the two Chinese icons, tea and kungfu. Many wonder why the tea comes in a long-spouted pot. And why it's made of bronze. You'll just have to check it out for yourself at the teahouse.

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