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Eco-Tourism Destinations in Beijing

Eco-Tourism Destinations in Beijing

Mountain Scenic Zone

Lingshan Mountain

Lingshan Mountain in Qingshui Town, Mentougou District, is 122 kilometers from downtown Beijing. Its main peak, 2,303 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain peak in Beijing. Within the 25 square kilometers of Lingshan Mountain, there are many sheer peaks and deep gullies covered with trees and flowering plants. The grassy marshland in the mountain is the only breeding ground of Yak from Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, Xinjiang fine-wool sheep and Ili horse in Beijing. From the top of the mountain one can watch a sea of clouds underfoot and the sunrise and listen to the wind blowing over the forest.

Baihe River Canyon Natural Scenic Zone

Lake Scenic Zone

Yanqi Lake

Yanqi (Wild Geese Resting) Lake at the foot of the Yanshan Mountains is eight kilometers north of the government seat of Huairou District. To its north is the Great Wall and to its south is the North China Plain. The broad and clean lake is a waterborne amusement park with gorgeous surroundings. In spring and autumn, many wild geese make the lake their home.

Forest Scenic Zone

Baihua Mountain

Baihua (Hundred Flowers) Mountain in Qingshui Town, Mentougou District, is a nice place for sightseeing and eco-tour. It is known as a "nature reserve for animals and plants" in North China for its rich fauna and flora resources. There are 18 grand natural sights in this scenic zone of 21,700 hectares, including the "Meadow on the Baihua Mountain", "Waterfall in the Baihua Mountain ", "Sunrise above the Clouds" and "Sea of Surging Clouds". The fresh and cool air on the mountain has a high content of negative oxygen ion. With an annual mean temperature of 6°C—7°C, Baihua Mountain is an excellent summer resort.

Grassland Scenic Zone

Kangxi Grassland

Kangxi Grassland southwest of the county town of Yanqing is about 80 kilometers from downtown Beijing. To its north is Haituo Mountain and to its west is Guanting Reservoir. The scenic zone of more than 20 million square me¬ters has a standard horse range where tourists can take part in various entertainment programs such as horse race, archery contest, angle and bonfire party. They can also watch song and dance performances given by the local Mongols.

Huaibei International Ski Resort

Bird-Watching Scenic Zone

Yeya Lake Wetland Nature Reserve

The Yeya (Wild Duck) Lake Wetland Nature Reserve northwest of the county town of Yanqing occupies an area of 6,873 hectares, of which 3,939 hectares are wetland. It is the only wetland nature reserve for birds in Beijing. Many kinds of fish, amphibious animals, insects and a large number of freshwater plankton live in Yeya Lake in the reserve. The reserve is home to more than 260 kinds of birds including black stork, white-head crane, giant bustard, golden eagle and white-tailed sea eagle.

Ice-Snow Scenic Zone

Huaibei International Ski Resort

The ski resort in Hefangkou Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District has facilities for skiing, catering, sightseeing and accommodation all year round. The 3,800-meter-long slide with a drop of 238 meters is composed of two high-class slides, one medium- class slide and four primary slides. The Huaibei International Ski Resort has the longest slide and is the largest international ski resort in Beijing.

Rafting Scenic Zone

Baihe River Canyon Natural Scenic Zone

Located in Huairou District, the Baihe River Canyon has preserved its primeval natural state very well. It is acclaimed as one of the "three great canyons in Beijing". The programs of rafting on the river, cross-country drive and rock climbing are the most typical in the scenic zone. The Baihe River has two tributaries: the Heihe River and Liuli River. It is 30 meters wide. The water in one section of it, about 10 kilometers long, is swift at one time and slow at another. Tourists can ride on rafts to experience the boundless vitality of the Great Nature.

Trekking along the Great Wall at Simatai, Jinshanling and Gubeikou

Scenic Zone for Exploration on Foot

Two sections of the Great Wall at Simatai are known for the perilous terrain they are located. The eastern section runs on top of a mountain ridge. One can have a grand and broad view walking along it. The western section runs in a comparatively flat area of land with a scene of wilderness. The section of the Great Wall at Jinshanling is connected with the Great Wall at Simatai to the east and the Great Wall at Gubeikou to the west. Many watchtowers and beacon towers can be seen along this section of the Great Wall. Most part of the Great Wall in Gubeikou is in ruins. But the ruins remind the beholder the original magnitude of the Great Wall in old times. This tour covers almost all the best sections of the Great Wall within the boundaries of Beijing. It is an ideal tour for explorers on foot and photographers.

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