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China | Shandong | Qingdao | Introduction | Overview
Situated in the south of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is a beautiful seaside city with red tiles and green trees under blue sky. Qingdao boasts a pleasant climate, European-style urban scenery, vast blue seas and undulating mountains. With unique enchanting tourism resources, Qingdao is a famous seaside tourism and holiday resort. With abu...
China | Shandong | Qingdao | Catering | Cuisine | Snacks | Restaurants
Brief Introduction Qingdao, a seaside city, boasts picturesque scenery and a vast variety of delicacies, of which seafood dishes are the most famous. The local dishes of Qingdao are closely related to its abundant products. Most dishes are prepared with seafood, such as precious sea cucumbers, scallops, abalones, conches, prawns and red snappers...
China | Qingdao | Google | City | Map
Qingdao Map. Do you want to make your own tour with Qingdao Map in hand? Let's explore Qingdao Map using the interactive map below. Welcome to China Travel Designer to get a collection of Qingdao Map . Qingdao Map on China Travel Designer provide latest and detailed information for travel lovers throughout the world.
China | Shandong | Qingdao | Shopping
Qingdao is known for its 10 major tourism products, namely, Dacheng-brand painted silk products, Shuang-xing-brand sports shoes, Tianyuan-brand straw woven handicrafts, Swan-brand machine embroidered products, Hongchao-brand vacuum packed clams, Qingdao-brand shell handicrafts, Tsingdao beer, Laoshan-brand mineral water, Laochi-brand Yunfeng tea, a...
China | Shandong | Qingdao | Transportation | Air | Train | Bus
Air Several dozens of air routes link the Qingdao International Airport with all the major cities in the country, Hong Kong, Macao, as well as the neighboring countries and regions, such as Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Airline information: 0086-532-96567 Qingdao Transportation Railways Qingdao has strong railway transp...
China | Shandong | Qingdao | Attractions | Qingdao beer factory
In August 1903, China's first beer factory that built by German Beer Company Qingdao Branch. After a century of ups and downs, it has been developed into Tsingtao Brewery Company, a world-renown manufacturing venture specializing in Qingdao Beer production. Qingdao beer factory At present, it owns 55 beer factories and malt factories in 18 citi...
China | Shandong | Qingdao | Attractions | Governor's Residence
Built in 1905, the Qingdao Guest House is now a museum with German style castle and European regal features, and it once served as a Germany governor’s residence. This extraordinary structure, with extensive features of that period, is now rare in Germany; it is considered a valuable example of this architectural style. Many overseas architects co...
China | Shandong | Qingdao | Attractions | May 4th Square
Located between the new municipal government building and the bay, May 4th Square is the centerpiece of downtown Qingdao. It got its name in memory of the May 4th Movement. May 4th Square is composed of the Shizhengting Square, the central square and the coastal park. These three parts have their own features and the whole square is a combi...
China | Shandong | Qingdao | Attractions | Eight Great Passes
The Badaguan scenic site lies south of Qingdao's largest park, Qingdao Zhongshan Park and north of Taiping Bay, and is bordered to the west by Huiquan Bay while it is bordered to the east by the fork created by the junction of east-bound Zhengyangguan Road and west-bound Xian ggang West Road, at the northern apex of Taiping Bay. Zhengyangguan Road,...
China | Shandong | Qingdao | Attractions | Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center
The Qingdao International Sailing Center for the Games of the 29th Olympiad is located at the former Beihai dockyard in FuShan Bay adjoining Wusi (May 4th) Square and DongHai West Rd. Facing the Yellow Sea, the main breakwater with spectator seating, windmills, flags and lighthouse was also the viewing area for the sailing competitions when not on ...
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