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China | Hangzhou | Attractions | Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum | Google | Map
Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum Map. Do you want to make your own tour with Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum Map in hand? Let's explore Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum Map using the interactive map below. Welcome to China Travel Designer to get a collection of Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum Map . Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum Map on China Travel Designer provide latest and detailed informat...
China | Zhejiang | Hangzhou | Cuisine
Zhejiang cuisine, also called Zhe Cai for short, is one of the eight famous culinary schools in China. Comprising the specialties of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province regarded as "land of fish and rice", Zhejiang cuisine, not greasy, wins its reputation for freshness, tenderness, softness, and smoothness of its dishes w...
China | Zhejiang | Hangzhou | Culture | Historical Figures
The West Lake owes the fame not only to its scenic beauty but also to its honor to be closely related to noted historical figures. The lake and the figures have made each other well known and brought out the best in each other. Some of the figures are those who made great contributions to the beautification of the lake. The famous poet-govern...
China | Zhejiang | Hangzhou | Culture | Silk | Textile
Hangzhou has long established itself as the home of silk production. It has approximately 200 large scale silk production enterprises at present. In 2005, Hangzhou’s silk industry has an annual gross output of 5,859 tons, an increase of 19% over the previous year. Compared with Suzhou’s embroidery, Hangzhou is famous for its excellent silk and sati...
China | Zhejiang | Hangzhou | Culture | Longjing Tea
Hangzhou is one of China's leading tea-producing areas. Longjing Tea, named after the local village whose name means "Dragon Well," is considered China's finest green tea. Longjing came into prominence three centuries ago, during the Qing Dynasty. On his three visits to Zhejiang province, the illustrious emperor Qianlong always made a point of visi...
China | Zhejiang | Hangzhou | Geography | Climate
Hangzhou is located in northern Zhejiang province, eastern China, at the southern end of the Grand Canal of China, on the plain of the mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River (Cháng Jiāng). The prefecture-level region of Hangzhou extends west to the border with the hilly-country Anhui Province, and east to the flat-land near Hangzhou Bay. The city c...
China | Zhejiang | Hangzhou | Useful Information | Number | Hospital | Bank
Foreign Exchange Bank of China Zhejiang Headquaters 86-571-85011888 Bank of China Hangzhou Kiayuan Branch 86-571-87229652 Bank of China Kaixuan Branch 86-571-85192512 Bank of China Qiantang Branch 86-571-87820806/8782800 Medical Service: No.1 Hospital Schoold of Medicine Zhejiang University 86-571-87236950 No. 2 Hospital School...
China | Zhejiang | Hangzhou | Attractions | Confucian Temple
A Temple of Confucius or Confucian temple is a temple devoted to the memory of Confucius and the sages and philosophers of Confucianism. The largest and oldest Temple of Confucius is found in Confucius's hometown, present-day Qufu in Shandong Province. It was established in 479 B.O.T, one year after Confucius's death, at the order of the Duk...
China | Zhe Jiang | Hangzhou | Attractions | Sites | Leifeng Pagoda
Leifeng Pagoda is a five story tall tower with eight sides, located on Sunset Hill south of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Originally constructed in the year AD 975, it collapsed in 1924 but was rebuilt in 2002, since when it has been a popular tourist attraction. The original pagoda was built in 975 AD, during Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period...
China | Zhejiang | Hangzhou | Transportation | Get and Departure | City-bus | Taxi
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is considered a Garden Airport due to its verdant setting and floral gardens and is one of the most important territorial airports in China. Covering an area of about 180 acres, the airport has a 3,600-meter (about 3,937 yards) airstrip, which can meet the take-off and landing requirements of planes from B747...
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