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Useful Travel Tips
● Difference between 1st & 2nd class compartments
A second class (standard class) has four comfortable berths in each cabin with 36 people in each carriage. Second class tends to be very social with cabin doors left open during the day and people chatting in the full stop.

In first class there are just two berths per cabin with a table in between the two berths. There are only 18 beds in each carriage. The first class cabin has more space than that of the second class, so travelers tend to keep the door closed.
● Meals on the Train
Dining Car in the International Trains
Plenty of food is available during the train journey. Food on the train is not included in rail ticket prices.

The menu in the dining car remains pretty much the same throughout the day so eating there once or twice a day tends to be enough. A meal in the dining car will cost approximately US$10-US$20.

Cheaper food is available from the larger stations along the way, while simple local food can be purchased on the smaller platforms, so it’s possible to eat quite cheaply during the journey .
● Facilities on the train to charge appliances
There is a wall plug on the corridor in most carriages (for cleaners can vacuum the carpet). A plug may be found in first class’s cabin. Electricity is 220 v AC voltages, and travelers will need a European type power plug with two round pins to use it.
● Safety when traveling alone
Safety is never guaranteed, however, travel in either direction from Moscow Beijing to Moscow or vice versa, appears to have been quite safe, particularly in the last few years.

There are two conductors for each carriage who are responsible for the well being of passengers. For women traveling alone, it is better to choose a second class compartment rather than a private compartment with a stranger.
● Use of Toilets & Washrooms
Washroom in the International Trains
Both first and second class carriages have similar set-ups. There are toilets and washrooms at the end of each carriage with western style toilets and a sink with hot and cold water.

Chinese K23 and K3 in Deluxe Class have a shower cabin. The showers have to be paid for and the water pressure is low.

It is recommended that bottled water be used for washing and brushing one’s teeth.
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