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China Travel Designer offers you the most frequently questions and answers about China Trips. To make your trip more convenient and pleasant, we have carefully selected a list of necessary travel related information for your trip preparation.If you have your own questions about your China Trip, please contact our travel advisors via On-line help or simply send us an e-mail and get reply in 24 hours.

On Board Experience

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Will I have the services of your private tour guide while on board?

No. As your travel agent we purchase cruise tickets for you, but all activities onboard are arranged by the cruise company. Your private tour guide will not accompany you during the cruise. All activities and shore excursions during the cruise will be managed by the cruise company and subject to change without prior notice.

Do the staffs onboard speak English?

Yes, each cruise has a knowledgeable foreign national cruise director. In addition most of the service staff speaks English as well.

What is the voltage on board? Can I use my hair dryer or shaver?

Most ships have 110V outlets in the bathroom and 220V in cabin. Many ships will supply hair-dryers in your cabin for your convenience.

Are special diets catered for?

Yes. Most ships can accommodate vegetarian, salt-free, low-carbohydrate, Kosher, or other diet preferences. However, this request must be made in advance, so be sure to advise us of this requirement when you book the cruise.

Are medical services available on the cruise?

Professional medical services are available on all cruise ships and usually every ship has a doctor and health clinic.

Are there laundry services aboard?

Laundry services including washing and ironing are usually available, but dry cleaning is not available.

Do you have Internet access on board? Can we stay in touch with the outside world?

Yes. Internet access and phone call services are available via the satellite service. Some other secretarial service such as photocopying, simultaneous translating, typing, personal computers, fax capabilities are available in the business center. However to use these services you would need to pay an extra fee, which is very high. We strongly suggest you bring your own cell phone onboard.

Friends or family can reach you 24-hours a day via the Satellite Service on ship. Secretarial service such as photocopying, simultaneous translating, typing, personal computers, fax capabilities are available in the Business Center and Conference Rooms allowing you contact with your business at any moment.

What currency is used onboard? Is there currency exchange service?

Usually no cash transactions are made onboard. Instead a tally of expenses is kept for each passenger. Before disembarkation, passengers are required to pay their bills by major currencies, like US dollars, British pounds, Euro, Chinese Yuan or major credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. There is a currency exchange service available at the reception desk.

How big are the cabins?

Most cabins measure 12- 14 sq. meters. Some rooms have 2 sq. meter private balconies. Splendid China has the largest cabins size: 22 sq. meters. Paradise is at 18 Sq. Meter. Then East king take the second place by 20 sq. meters. Suites are usually doubled the size of the standard cabin at 30-40 sq. meters. They usually have a king or queen size bed or two double beds, bathtubs, and more furnishings. Interior decoration will be better.

Do I have to participate in the cruise line's organized activities?

The organized activities include shore excursions and activities on board. On a cruise, the choice is yours. You may do what you want. You can do it all or just relax on the deck.

Do the cabins have safes?

Yes, there is the mini-safe in the stateroom closet on most of the ships. If the mini-safe in the stateroom is not available, please consult inquiry office on the ship.

What is the on board smoking policy?

All ships have smoking area and non-smoking areas. Usually smoking is only allowed on the observation deck.

Do any of the cabins have windows to look out over the river?

Yes, all cabins on the cruise ships have windows that look out over the water so that passenger can enjoy the outside scenery.

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