Self drive into China's wild, wild heartland west, crossing mountains high and valleys low. Vast prairies, primeval forests, rolling hills, and sprawling deserts beckon you along the way. You'll be overwhelmed by the stunning scenery, and obsessed with the flourishing minority culture. From the hardships you'll endure, to the euphoria you'll enjoy—Wild China on Wheels, your once-in-a-lifetime self-drive journey into China's best-kept secret!
Silk Road Self-Drive Tour ---- Own Car
Packing a journey of over 7,000 km into 21 thrilling days, you'll enjoy a splendid self-drive from China's wild, wild west all the way to the Pacific coast. Take a step back in time, tread the wilderness untouched and come face-to-face with a unique cultural mix along the legendary Silk Road, once the main artery for business and trade between China and the West for countless generations.
Grassland Driving Expedition ---- Rental Car
From Beijing, China's historic and vibrant capital city to Hailar, China's largest land port, join us on a grassland self drive adventure. Drive thousands of kilometers across the grassland, the historic and naturally beautiful meeting place of southern agrarian and northern nomadic cultures.

Northern Xinjiang Overland Discovery ---- Rental Car
In the land as exotic as its people stretches the mysterious Xinjiang. The land across the far horizon beckons you on to its vast prairie. For thousands of kilometers across the most distant part of China, you'll embark on an epic journey discovering the pioneer and hero within yourselves. Join in the self drive into northern Xinjiang and explore the land that nurtured ancient civilizations.
Pamir-Tibet Overland Pilgrimage ---- Own Car
Stunning scenery of azure sky, pristine charms of the overwhelming mountains and brightly-colored prayer flags—It´s a landscape that few people have ever seen at first hand; and yet it still exerts a powerful hold on the imagination of the world. It is a challenge you should NEVER miss. Custom-tailored self-drive adventure from Kashi to Mt. Everest. Discover the most fascinating places on the earth with us.
Sichuan-Tibet Overland Adventure ---- Rental Car
For most people, a journey to Tibet and Sichuan is a fantasy, something beyond their reach. For you, it's a lifelong dream coming true—Join us on the Sichuan-Tibet overland adventure, to where nature is at her most magnificent and forbidding. Get ready for the adventure of lifetime.

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